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Spitzner Arzneimittel company was founded in 1949. Last 60 years company is engaged in research, development and production of natural products.

Since 1989 company is a member of pharmaceutical concern Dr. Wilmar Schwabe, which is the world's leading specialist in the production of herbal medicines.

Being a part of corporation, Spitzner company, on one hand, uses the experience, know-how and contacts of the big concern, on the other hand, remains flexible enterprise, instantly responding to the needs of the market.

Alongside with medicines, Spitzner company offers a range of high quality products for balneo-, aroma- and physiotherapy.

Wide portfolio of the company includes the following
groups of products:

  • Physiotherapy products for warming therapy
  • High quality concentrates for baths
  • Concentrates for saunas on natural basis
  • Products for sports and massage
  • Products for aroma-shower

The quality of produced Spitzner products corresponds the highest demands. Being a specialist in the area of medicines and active substances of herbal origin, Spitzner produces all balneotherapy and physiotherapy products following the same requirements as for the production of pharmaceuticals. High-quality raw substances, high-tech manufacturing processes meet the standards of GMP, numerous production inspections and experience of the employees guarantee highest quality products.



We use effective ingredients born from a combination of natural wisdom and advanced formulas to provide you with high quality products. They optimally meet the daily needs for the care of your skin and body.

In order to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products were conducted comprehensive tests and researches. We guarantee the safety and high quality of products that meet international standards for the production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Health and wellbeing of our customers are the focus of our daily work!